what is my housing loan eligibility?

I am planning to buy a property in bangalore. Presently i am working in a PSU earning 30000 p.m. And i can afford 25000 towards EMI. and rs. 1000000 down payment from my savings.
I want to know how much maximum loan i can get? I dont have any other property to pledge.

I have seen a property of 8500000. Which will earn additional rent towards EMI.

Can i pledge that property and increase my loan capacity even before buying that property?

what is my housing loan eligibility?
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  1. – maximum loan amount is 80% of the face value of property
    – But from 80% bank will decide how much loan would be passed, and it is depend on many factors related to your financial status with that bank and previous loan etc..
    – then after to calculate EMI u can use emi calculator available in bank website.

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