what is mutual fund, types,?

hi frnds, pls tell me what is meant by MUTUAL FUND. and what is dis all about. pls tell me i got a question in interview. i failed to answer pls tell me.


what is mutual fund, types,?
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  1. you know share markets . people invest in shares and get profit or loss . to invest one has to gain lot of knowledge which is best which will rise will fall and long term and short term investments and some expert ideas are needed.
    mutual funds are such organisations. they (say) that they are experts in this area . they collect funds and invest in certain shares/public debts for the purpose of increasing profits they earn profits and divide it to investors as dividends after accounting for a commission for the business or as service charges generally for those who don’t have the knowledge or time to study all this things and have investable funds are mutual funds is a boon initially they were good also
    of late their calculations sometimes fail and the investors are incurring losses
    and mutual fund is a large organisations and some top peoples who are in decision making levels are being bribed to invest in not satisfactory shares/debts schemes. so for personal benefits some play with your money and simply put it in your loss and wash off their hands
    so there are virtues as well as vices

  2. Mutual fund is a pool of money contributed by individuals who have similar financial goals. The money collected is then invested in various securities such as equities, debentures/bonds and/or money market instruments.

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