6 Replies to “What is maturity amount of LIC Jeevan Surabhi Plan on sum assured Rs. 400000 for 25 years?”

  1. 1. Call the agent that sold you the policy
    2. Go to a local branch
    3. Call the customer service help lines. The customer service contact numbers are listed here: http://www.licindia.in/phone_helpline.htm
    4. If you have not already registered your policy on the LIC web site go to this link: http://www.licindia.in/NewUserRegistration.htm
    Upon successful registration, you will have online access to information regarding status of policy/s, loan, revival, premium due/ policy calendar, maturity calendar etc.

  2. Thanks for asking ,
    Actually jeevan surabhi is a money back plan so for 25 yrs term with 4 lac SA you may get
    80000 on Nov. 2007
    80000 on nov. 2011
    80000 on nov. 2015
    80000 on nov. 2021
    and at last on nov. 2028 you may get your total bonus of 25 yrs + FAB
    Its around and above than 5.9 lac on maturity. I think its a minimum assumption.

    1. Depends upon many factors like your age, premium amount, bonus declared etc. But generally, LIC plans gives average of 4% – 5% (+/- 1%)of IRR. So, it’s better to take term insurance and invest in mutual funds, PPF, Gold.

  3. for example if I’m doing a policy (Jeevan Surabhi) of 1 lac for 15 year term what will be my maturity amount?
    and also the money back returns after every 4 year.

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