What is LIC’s Retire & Enjoy Policy Means?

I want to Know about the LIC’s Retire & Enjoy policy details and i came to know it is a combination of 21 policies. If i wish to take this policy would i be taking this policy as 1 policy or it would come as 21 policies to me. Please explain to me. my age is 32 and my yearly contribution 50000K

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  1. Retire & Enjoy is not an individual product from LIC. It is concept where some plans are logically combined to meet once objective of pension needs with current investment and high insurance.
    Typically LIC’s popular plans like Jeevan Anand ( Plan # 149 Endowment and whole life ) and Endowment plan ( Plan # 14) are mixed such a way that each policy will starts maturing from the day you want to receive pension till the period you decide. Number of policies will depend on the tenure of pension period you decide.
    Salient features of Retire and Enjoy are-
    *High risk coverage ( Normal and accidental ) which can not be achieved by single insurance policy with return on investment.
    *Tax free Annuity (pension) from age 40 or from pension period of your choice.
    *Life insurance for whole life , Means peace of mind for whole life.
    * Tax saving for premiums paid in that financial year.
    All this is coming from LIC the only Govt. guaranteed life insurance company trusted by crores of Indians.
    If you take Retire and enjoy is enough to cover your all Investment, Pension , Insurance, Tax saving needs. One should invest minimum 40000K +/Year in this wonderfull plan for at least 15 years to get good returns.
    To make combination of policies Datacomp has developed software which LIC professionals use to generate proposal based on your age, premium budget, pension amount and period.

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    Definitely I will help you..
    In Our old age we should get pension/retirement benefit.we should not depend on any body.Now only we have to plan for that.

    There are so many Lic pension policy are there.


  3. Retire and Enjoy is not a product of LIC.

    Some agents combine various LIC products to create a retirement plan for you. Poplularly it is called retire and enjoy.

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