What is indian version of Roth IRA?

I am thinking of doing retirement planning in India. I was looking at some plans in LIC / SBIlife, but I want to know, since I am already paying taxes here in US, Is there a fund, that will give me tax -free returns on retirement (like Roth-IRA) in India.
I was looking at unit linked plans from SBI life and unit plans from LIC. Any other suggestions ?

What is indian version of Roth IRA?
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  1. I would suggest you to call SBI life and LIC both of them. Their agent will visit you. Ask both of them that why should you go ahead with one and why you shouldn’t be with other. Thats what I do 🙂 this way you can filter the best one.

    here is very simple no tax are levied on nri/nro/rfc account upto 7 years from date of comeback to india.
    dont think much more dear
    DONT INVEST IN MUTUAL FUND coz when mkt ‘ll come don u can lass on yor principal money also

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