what is income tax? i like to pay my income tax to the country?

i like to pay my income tax to my country, i have PAN CARD, i don’t know how to calculate my icome tax my self, please tell me the easiest way to pay the income tax

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  1. The tax you pay to the central Govt.for the income you have earned during a financial year( 1st April to 31st March).Your income means: salary + intersts + house rents etc. For an individual all these amounts if put together is less than 1.6 lakhs during a financial year,there is no need to pay tax.If you are earning more than 1.6 lakhs ,the best thing is to consult an auditor to file your tax returns.

  2. Go to nearest I T office , meet PRO and look for Sahayak , who will help you to calculate your tax payable. Next go to any designated SBI , fill in challan and pay by cash . You are a good citizen now.

  3. Income tax is tax on income.
    It is the duty of every citizen to pay income tax.Whether you like it or not.
    All laws assume that you are omniscient in legal matters.
    Do not try to calculate IT yourself.
    You can pay Income Tax in any nationalised banks, even on the net.

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