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  1. bank & agent both are work for investors but bank invest certain amount on government sector so you will not sink by the same time return will be less
    but private work hard who wants get returns but security will be lesser
    chennai sekar

  2. No difference . …same up front commission will be taken either by bank or agent. but most important thing..whether u sign on WEALTH ACCOUNT OR NOT ..wealth account charges will b applied…u better not to sign wealth account…and last thing…..Bank employee will sell u MF but agent will Analiese ur financial goals and how much money u have, how much risk u can bear.and period for ur investments…and he will advice you right MFs…..and plz..diversify ur risk..and investment .. but find good MF agent …and best of luck for ur future and investment. God bless u……………..(MF is the best investment)

  3. As far as your returns from investment in mutual fund is concerned, there really is no difference whether you invest through a bank, an agent, a mutual fund distributor or your broker. You will get the same return, no matter who you go through.

    But the main difference would be in the service they offer and the recommendation they give.

    So before you invest make sure you invest through someone who offers you following services:

    1. A good investment recommendation that is based on your investmet needs and profile. You choice of investment will make a huge difference in returns and it is imp that yo invest only in good funds that suit your needs.
    Most agents recommend schemes where they get fat commissions. So be aware of that and do your homework before you invest.

    2. They should offer you good services that includes ensuring you get regular statements, they update your contact details as and when needed, provide redemption and switch services.

    3. Should monitor your portfolio from time to time and suggest if any changes are required.

    4. Many good mutual fund distributors offer you online account servie, wherein you can check your statements, profit/loss, tax liability and returns details online through a secured login. It makes very convenient for invetors to track their portfolio. In addition, some also offer online investment in mutual fund. So you can just login o our account and buy/sell mutual fund online on your own and if you wish someone will do it for you.

    5. Sending regular mutual fund recommendation reports.

    So make sure you check their services before choosng whom should you invest through.

    You can invest through some of the following distributors, they are good and offer good recommendation also:
    1. http://www.arihantcapital.com or email them [email protected]
    2. http://www.bajajcapital.com
    3. http://www.icicisecurities.com