2 Replies to “What is better mutual funds or shares why?”

  1. “Better” I think depends on the type of investment you are seeking. Shares are ownership in a particular company, so if you hypothetically put all your money in company x and it does well, your profits will increase, but at the same token you can also lose your investment. If you invest in stocks you need to diversify the sectors you invest in and even the geography. The market today is so volatile today that you can’t afford to only have a portfolio consisting of only tech stocks, or only pharmaceutical or retail. Mutual funds are less risky because it is an investment that is comprised of several different types of securities, including stocks, but also bonds, and other investments. So your investment is less likely to fluctuate up or down, as compared to stocks.

  2. Its all depend on your risk capability because risk =return with mutual fund your risk is divesifyied so is your profit. A mixture of stoct mutual fund nbfc deposit is better in mutual fund go for a dividend fund invest the amount in a stock or debt its a safe game as long you stick with group a stock and stay long atleast a year.

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