8 Replies to “what is better between life insurance and investment in mutual funds?”

  1. Do you mean, Term Life and invest the rest. Versus VUL, Variable Universal Life??

    I am a Registered Representative, and offer: Life, Mutual Funds, Variable products etc.

    email me, I would need more information about your financial situation to answer this question.

  2. I depends on your goal. Are you trying to save for your retirement? or are you trying to protect your family if you die?

    If your wanting to save for retirement go with a Roth Ira which you invest in mutual funds. It has tax advantages. Talk to your CPA.

    If your going for life insurance buy a lot of term for 30yrs and then buy a smalled whole or variable policy to last you your whole life as long as you fund it properly.

  3. Life insurance gives the protection of specific amount to be earned in the life time whereas investment in mutual funds give instant gain depends on the market risk.

  4. At least you or someone is pretty much guaranteed a return from life insurance with interest.

    mutual funds are a gamble. If you cannot afford to loose what you have invested don’t invest. With the stock market as volatile as it is right now and with rampant inflation you are taking an even bigger chance of loosing everything you invest. the only one who will make money from what you invest are the brokers from the fees they charge.

    In the end it is a choice you alone have to make.

  5. If you know exactly the date your death will occur, then I can answer that question without any doubt. Here’s the problem we all face: We can die too soon and not take care of our loved ones by failing to have adequate life insurance to replace our economic value to our families or buinesses. Or, we can live too long and fail to have invested wisely and eventually run out cash and become a burden to our families and loved ones.

    The answer to your question is neither financial instrument, Insurance or Mutual Funds, is mutually exclusive. So, purchase a reasonable amount of life insurance (See an insurance professional for assistance) and invest a percentage of your income regularly in an appropriate investment portfolio (Contact an investment professional for assistance).

    Some life insurance policies can accomplish both goals (Variable Universal Life insurance is an example), and in many cases Financial Professionals will have the background and experience to assist in both Life Insurance and Investments.

    Good Luck,


  6. As I understood your question, you need to know the benefits of Life insurance and Mutual funds.

    You cannot compare any savings or investments with Life insurance, because, whatever the amount you save or invest now in any other form of savings, your dependant can get only the amount saved plus interest. But in Life insurace your dependant will get the sum assured in case any thing happens to you at any point of time within the maturity period.

    Hence if you wish to provide for your family, go for life insurance coverage. After sufficient insurance then invest in other avenues.

    good luck
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  7. Both are good options but investing in life insurance is better.. if you invest your money in a life insurance ULIP plan, you get higher returns on your investment plus a insurance cover too…also you have a choice to invest and swith between different funds options of your choice. Now a days, ULIPs are in trend cause you don’t have to invest for a very long term like before and also you get tax benefits too.

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  8. Dont invest in ULIP if your purpose is investment. Best is Mutual Fund. ULIP are known for very high upfront charges & complex pricing.

    People like Vikas are here only looking for some customer.

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