3 Replies to “What is alternative to paypal for users who dont have pan and credit card?”

  1. You can’t really buy much online without some kind of credit or debit card, some places will let you order and send them cash or postal order so its worth asking them when you want to buy something. Also how about one of those prepaid credit cards? You can put money onto them and then use it like a normal credit card and you don’t pay interest cos you aren’t borrowing any money. Or finally you could ask a friend or family member who has papal if you can use their account and give them the money.

  2. It would help to know in what terms, do you mean on ebay or just anywhere on line that you purchase? If ebay there are few and most will not even deal with you unless you are Pay Pal verified. If over the internet in general some sites will allow the use of your checking account info, this is VERY dangerous an d I suspect you are very young with no bank account either.

    You will also find fewer and fewer sites accepting prepaid Visa’s or even gift cards without you running into problems.

  3. Money order, but I do not suggest it.
    Check, but that too I do not suggest.

    Go to paypalsucks.com, they will talk about those alternative 3rd party form of payment, if you’re not using Discover, AE, VISA or MC.

    And I AGREE with you, you shouldn’t use paypal!

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