2 Replies to “What information should a good nifty day trading site have?”

  1. The most important function a trading site needs is the ability to route orders to the appropriate market, not only the proper market but the one with the better current quotes.
    Along with order entry, there is a need to track the markets for open orders in order to maintain and update open order files, which will also provides the ability to control and process stops and stop limits.

    You need the ability to direct orders, not only for proper executions but also for clearing the transactions.

    Trading sites need to the ability to include their data in the recording of trade activity, history of such transactions, not only of the executions but also all dividend and re-org notices related to the given securities or the ability to interface with the platforms of those clearing agent and/or firms.

    All systems need the ability to prepare regulatory and governmental reports and/or provide sufficient data on demand if and when required.

    Good luck on your project, been there done that

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