what if father is alive and has written a will and didnt give his daughters, is she entitled to his property?

what if father is alive and has written a will and didnt give his daughters, is she entitled to his property?? and plz suggest me any idea because he is willing to give all his property to his sons.
yes my mother is hindu,indian and she isliving and serving him since past 15years but as in now he doesn’t want her previously he told to give some property but now he is denying it.she is helpless now give me any helpful suggestion….

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  1. IN one state in the US, you can contest a will on the basis of a sibling omitted. And in those states, there is generally a $10 bequest to make it legal.

    Otherwise, US it’s totally legal to give property to whom you choose

  2. Your father can give his property, money, cars, etc to whomever he wants to give it too. The only possible way to change his will is if he was incompetent when he wrote it. You would have to prove this in court. Only then would his will be thrown out and his property divided equally among all
    of his children.
    Some time parents aren’t fair but it is legal to give evrything to only one person or boys vs. girls. Good luck – but money isn’t everything.

  3. Where I live anyway, and in most of the US, you are legally entitled to contest a will in court if you think its terms are unfair. The courts generally do agree to redistribute wills if they are satisfied that someone is entitled to more of the estate than the will gives them, and will usually redistribute equally among all siblings.

    There is no requirement that the person who made the will was incompetent, or anything else. An unfair distribution is enough to apply to get it changed.

  4. I reply this question presuming that you are Indian Hindu. You have not mentioned important point whether the property of your father is ancestral or it is his self acquired property. If the property is ancestral, the will made by your father is illegal and certainly it can be challenged. Because a daughter has equal right like a son in the ancestral property. It is also immaterial whether the daughter is married or unmarried. However, if the property of your father is self acquired, you cannot challenge the will. However, if any daughter is unmarried and unable to maintain herself, she can claim maintenance amount from father and put charge on the property for the recovery of maintenance amount.

  5. Ascertain whether property of father is self acquired or inherited. In first instance he can dispose it as per his wish but for inherited he can not. At the same time there is some provision for females like your mother and you(as a daughter) ask for maintenance

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