What home loan tax rebate I can get?


I purchased flat near to my office and both are in same city (NCR). But I’m living with parents in another City (Delhi) and claiming HRA. I can’t claim 1.5L interest benefit as my flat and office in same location.

Taken Home Loan and I’m paying 2.5L Principal and 4L Interest. What tax benefit I can get and how?

Suggestion and guidance are welcome.

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  1. You own a flat near your office in one city. And you stay in a rented flat in another city.

    Very intelligent of you!!!!

    You can claim interest payment benefit u/s 24(b).

    You can claim principal repayment benefit u/s 80C.

    You can claim HRA u/s 10 if you fulfill these three conditions:
    – You have an HRA allowance as part of your salary package.
    – You are staying in a rented accommodation and paying rent for it.
    – The rent exceeds 10% of your salary.


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