What does “conditionally approved” mean for a Chase Private Student Loan?

Does this mean I still need a cosigner? Or just send in the papers and I am approved to get my money?
Well in the packet I can download – they have a seciton for a cosigner. But in the “acceptance letter” they just say Congrats, you have been conditionally approved. Nothing about cosigner even though there is a section but they say – if applicable. ??
I actually applied for the loan and this is what it said. Conditionally approved.

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  1. I would call and ask them. I assume you are approved unless something turns up to kill the deal. What that would be only chase would know.

  2. It means that in order to get the full (real) approval you have to meet certain “conditions.” These can be anything from proving citizenship, proving income, proving parents income, etc. They will send you a list of information they require and you’ll have to provide that information. Then if all the information checks out and meets their standards you will get your money!

  3. In reality, it means that your name survived whatever search algorithm their marketing database uses. They won’t actually approve or disapprove you until/unless you apply. In short, it’s just marketing hype.

  4. It means that you meet the basic loan eligibility criteria, and loan will be sanctioned subject to your meeting the other terms and conditions ,some of which are mandatory.

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