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  1. Normally they ask for the original LIC policy document for endorsement. Would recommend you to meet the LIC officer incharge. He will help you out.

  2. Money back policies are the costliest. Insurance is an expense , not an avenue for investment. Returns will hardly beat inflation.


    You will need photo , address proof , bank a/c details , pan card .

  3. Check your Policy Bond, and find out the date of commencement of policy. You are supposed to get 10% of survival benefits in every 4th year. Normally LIC send out the information on time which you have to sign and return. You will receive the cheque for the money back amount immediately. You need not produce any documents. If it is due and you did not receive any information as yet, you should get in touch with your branch immediately.

  4. People here are Mad, they r giving un necessary advice, whats the use discussing how costly money back policies are, when one has asked how to get money back.
    Simple you should have received a form from LIC yet, if the money is due in this period. LIC is quick enough to send the dischage form well in advance. Either you have missed it or you may be mistaking for the date of maturity.
    Well both are not valid, just check the contact details of the Issuing LIC Branch, because I take for granted that the agent who has sold the policy and earned the commision is careless enough to not to be in touch with you. Call the branch they will help you certainly. If the amount is considerable they will also give u advice to reinvest the money.
    And now adays LIC policy bond in original is not required, as everything is computerised.