2 Replies to “What do you think the mutual fund industry will the agents survive or shift to another field or give good news?”

  1. global senerio is making everybody jittery.unfortunatly in our country, baring high net worth individuals and rich people , other people invest in it from the point of view of getting better returns than Fds on an yearly basis. they use that income to run families. if THe MF cannot pay the dividend in a year, thay become desparate because their monthly outgo remain the same so they withdraw and put the money bck in FD where their capital is protected.
    tHE AGENTS WILL SURVIVE IF THE MARKET CONSOLIDATES and goes in the range of 19000–20000.when people hear some success stories, they flock in.Mfs have to generate little better return than FD. only then MF industry will have a good future..

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