what do you say about the coming down of the sensex?

as sensex have again come down what do you think will be bush’s reaction against india

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  1. For the day, SENSEX is up by 36 points. Markets have been down for a long period but like it is said, if what goes up has to come down, the vice versa is also true.

    Yesterday’s Mahurat Trading showed some positive response. Despite heavy pessimism, Mahaurat Trading received a good opening and at the end of the special trading session market showed Green,

    Today again markets have ended in Green ( 36 Points up, 9044)

    All the low indices and falling markets are a co-ordinated results of global financial turmoil.
    With USA, it started and then spread to other parts of the globe.
    No country or any country’s leader/ representative can react to specifically to what is happening.
    The entire fall and slump is a result of inter-relation between economies.

    If what happened in USA, has affected India, then it shows How much Indian Economy was dependent on the USA.
    Then Indian Representatives need to first talk about this.

    All factors are inter-related, it is a Global Economy, we cannot divide or segregate and analyse at this stage.

    If the fall and its impact has been shared by all nations, the rise and efforts to Rise should also be made in unification by all countries of the World.

    Lets hope and Pray for the Best….

  2. All the emerging market indexes were inflated. Most if not all are off more than 50% from the highs. The Sensex was trading at a higher PE than S & P 500. The correction does not really surprise me. IMO India is one of the better emerging markets with maybe the exception of China. A good portion speak English which is a huge advantage.

    I do not think Bush really has much to do with the decline.

  3. Buddy Bush doesnt have anything to do with the decline of Sensex 🙂

    our sensex is declining due to fear of global recession. with the relief package of 700bn USD i expect the markets to pick up in the next few months.

    This is not something that can happen overnight. it will take atleast 6 months or even more for the sensex to recover.

    let s hope for the best 🙂

    mail me at [email protected] if you need any more details.

  4. Bush is too busy thinking about his retirement, assuming he can think at all.

    Maybe it is a good time to buy Indian stocks. Maybe not. We should know more is a couple years.

  5. Market will go up slowly from this level. It may not surge very fast, but will be steady uptrend with minor corrections then and there. Unless something else which is very bad happens in the world markets

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