7 Replies to “what do we mean term correction in sensex?”

  1. Sensex has been on a bull run ie it has been going up non stop off late, without a breather about 2300 points.When it comes down by say 500 to 700 points it would be termed as correction.

  2. A decline in a particular market index upto 20 % of its high is a correction. If it is beyond 20% it is usually considered as sign of a bear market.

  3. As u know market may go up or down. When any market or as u have asked Sensex goes down for few days or more, more nos of scrips stays in red, that is called correction. As experts say, and as an investor I feel too, corrections makes market healthier, stable and strong.

  4. IN BULLISH MARKET WHEN SENSEX OR INDEX fell down very little e.g. in presen sensex of 17500 if it’ll come down to16500-17000 level it’ll term as correction. it is ahealthy sign.
    but if it’ll fell don heavily e.g. if it’ll come down from 175000 to 10000, it;ll known as fall

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