What can I do about getting my share certificates or my money back?

I bought some shares with Tally-Ho Ventures in April time 2006 and still have not received my share certs! I have been in touch with the CEO of the company but still no joy. The company symbol is PWMG.PK. Any suggestions on where I can go from here?

What can I do about getting my share certificates or my money back?
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  1. There is currently no Tally-Ho ventures shown on the exchange.
    And PWMG.PK reads as Premier Wealth Group.

    If the stock changed name to a Pink sheet stock for entering chapter 11 or changing out of a Pink Sheet, it is the duty of the share holder to eliminate all holdings of that stock prior to the change since the stocks do not transfer.

    If Premier bought Tally-Ho and informed all share holders to a ‘stock valuation’ (ie you get 1 share of PWMG for every 2 shares of Tally-Ho) you would have received a notice and a certificate reflecting that change.
    If Premier entered the pinksheets (chapter 11, etc) effectively changing theur trade name between the time they acquired Tally-Ho and the present, then it would not matter and you have received a loss based on that.

    Please note that if you had owned Premier at the time they changed names, then reverted back to their old name, you would immediately own any shares under the old stock as they would have been lost at the time of the first transfer.
    (Owning Delta Airlines prior to 2005 when entered protection, then exited protection)

    Simply put:
    Find out if Premier bought Tally-Ho.
    Then find out when Premier went into the pinksheets.

    If Premier bought Tally-Ho in say May 06, then went into the pinksheets in June 06, I’m sorry to say you lost all your stock value.

  2. The symbol is wrong. The hole thing smells. Why would you buy the stock from the company? Why wouldn’t you buy them through a broker and hold them in “street name”. Why would anyone not experienced in stock trading buy a penny stock?
    Why did you not do your research before buying this?

    Lesson learned…….

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