6 Replies to “what can be done to make Aviva Life insurance a better company?”

  1. It really depends on what parameters you utilize to guage it being a “better” company. If they pay the claim based upon the life insurance contract purchased, they are doing their job.

  2. If you are working in AVIVA then ask your fund managers. They will help you. Proper management of funds is required to make an insurance company better for selling products.

  3. Aviva or any other company will have to stop the misselling.

    I was once approached by an Aviva Noida employee & was offered a policy & was told that it is the cheapest policy & has 100 % allocation & he told me other benefits too. When I checked I found that it is costlier then all other policies in market due to its charge structure & there were a bunch of lies in his statements. Even IRDA planned to ban those type of policies at that time.

    That was the moment of truth for me & image of Aviva was destroyed for me.

    If you can stop misselling, may be you will get less business, but you will be able to make it more customer-centric(I know that it is not possible).

  4. They are a good company but there are better ones, I always like to read the reviews online.

    A site that I like is Auto Insurance Monster (www.AutoInsuranceMonster.com)
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    and very nice tips to help you lower your cost of auto insurance, they also have
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