What Benefits do a 100Sqft Flat Owner get in Re-Development?

Actually my society is thinking of redevelopment of the society and i have a single room of nearly 100 sqft. It is ownership flat and i have heard different views from different people. I have heard that minimum a builder has to give for small flats is 250 sqft.
Can Any One give any idea on this, will be of great help. Thank You.

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  1. Its really hard to answer your query. Because ther are so many other factors involved in redevelopment of any property – like –
    1. The land Area available
    2. The size of the land(length, breadth or width)
    3. Location of the land according the Zoning of the Municipal Corporation Bye-laws.
    4.Depending upon the approach Road width of the land
    5. The F.S. I. available of the land
    6. Is there any possibility of using TDR or Superbuiltup area concept
    7. The proportionate area of the other Society members according to which everyone is going to be benefitted……
    8. and many more.

    So consult with the Authorities.

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