4 Replies to “What are your predictions on NIFTY for Dec 2007/2008/2009?”

  1. NIFTY who? The only two “NIFTY”s I could find were Nifty Corp in Tokyo, who used to trade on the pink sheets, but are now out of business altogether, and Lund Corp/NIFTY, who are not publically traded, are they?.

  2. the going is good and nifty should be able to cross 15,000/ by the end of this year. but there are so many ifs and buts. It is just not possible to given any CORRECT predictions . it is just gues work. there are so many parameters that even experts like udyan mukkherjee,prakash gaba and others can only make a guess.

  3. hello,

    For now nifty will be range bound it is likely to trade between 4100-4300 levels,no1 can predict a 2 year projection,market have already delivered 15 to 16x earnings.it is likely that they deliver at the same rate in the next 3 years,rt now the market is fairly valued,but the global investors are taking more interest in indian market and if this continues v can see more 15x earnings in the next 3 years,now we are still in the bull run,global cues are also well,but the growth in the us bonds is quite a worry,inflations is also low,so markets are likely to touhc new highs in the next few months,infosys result will decide the market trend now,as the dollar appreciations is a gr8 worry for the tech stocks,if the result is in line with the market expectation the trend will continue,but i think that the corrections should be there time to time and i hope this will be done,sensex will not go below 11,500 levels thats for sure,for nifty there is gr8 support at 3550 levels,.but in the near term i dont think nifty going below 4000 mark,

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