What are various Security types on NSE India Stock exchange?

I want to try and learn Derivatives and already have a stock trading account with Kotak Securities.

I am trying to buy Nifty Futures but its asking me to choose the instrument type from “FI, OI”. Please help me understand what are these. I want an option to buy Nifty in the future at the said price with no obligation.

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  1. For the sake of safety, you have to first trade stocks well. Then you can try futures.

    For trading futures, you can contact your broker. The software used varies between companies.

    From your question, I see that you are trying for options also.

    It is better to learn the differences between futures, call and put options and then try them

    Get the advice of your broker, to be safe.

  2. how do you trade through kotak?
    by call &trade or online?
    if you are trading online.which software you had downloaded keat or keat pro?
    i think you are well aware in preparing watch list of equity shares.
    you can add in watch list shares traded in future and options,nifty bees,gold etfs,nifty,minifty,banknifty in future,usd/inr and others in currency future.
    for additions of these you have to tick in F and sharename or nifty,usd etc in script columan.

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