7 Replies to “What are the ways to make monthly income by safe investments?”

  1. Income is always directly related to the risks you will take while investing it. More the risk – more the return ( income ). Nothing is “safe” though you may feel like safe.

    If you do not want much trouble and do not mind getting bit less income then invest your money in fixed deposit in a reputed bank. Every month invest some amount in fixed deposit so that you will get back income every month when the fixed deposit is matured.

  2. You can make a fixed deposit in a post office or a bank and get a monthly returns over that fixed deposit. Alternatively you can invest in a SIP or systematic investment plan.

  3. It depends how much monthly investment you want to start, after that its possible to give the answers asked by you, also Mutual funds and stock market is the best option for investment.

  4. Investments offered by banks are much safer than any form of securities because they are backed up by FDIC. But I suggest to invest in CD or Money Market because they have a bigger return than any other investment that bank offers. But make sure the maximum amount of money should be less than the FDIC amount of $250000

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