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  1. Try Mutual Funds, also invest in term insurance in case if you don’t have one..

    If you can elaborate your question with the set of requirements it ll be more easy for people to answer with best suitable answers…

  2. Basically you have 2 options- debt or equity. Equity is when you buy ownership in a company and debt is when you loan a company or government money. Debt tends to be lower risk but also a lower return, while equities are a little riskier but can give better returns. You can invest in a mutual fund, which is just paying somebody to invest your money for you. There are both debt and equity funds and they can vary widely between really good and completely awful. The option that’s best depends on a lot of issues- your goals, age, risk tolerance, time horizon, taxes, sophistication, etc. There are tons of books available discussing this.

  3. Investment options
    1. Nationalised Banks FD [email protected]% –SAFEST— No. of years to double the money –> 8 years
    2. Co-operatives bank FD Rate- 10.5% — SAFE——-No. of years to double the money –> 7 years
    3. Company FD Rate- 12.5%——SLIGHTLY RISKY–No. of years to double the money –> 6 years
    4 Share market Rate (-) to 100%———MORE RISKY

  4. Hi Nilesh,
    One of the investment options you can opt for is ULIP that is a great combination of protection and investment.
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  5. In simple terms:

    Short term money market.
    Government bonds
    Municipal (Local Authority) bonds.
    Corporate bonds.
    Alternative Investments (Metals, Commodities, Wine etc.)

    In reality you may want a diversified portfolio consisting of all of these investments to a varying degree.

    You need short term cash (for emergencies), you need bods for stability and you need equities for real growth.

    Further than this we would have to know a lot more about you and your preferences (you don’t even say how old you are, whether you are earning an income, whether you have chiildren, a pension etc.)

  6. If you are looking for huge returns then the best investment options are stock and commodities, real estate, mutual funds. – profit.biz