What are the upcoming bank and railway jobs suitable for Bsc graduates in 2012 ?

hi frns , what are the bank and railway jobs or other central governmrnt jobs through examination on 2012 that a bsc graduate can apply

pls give full most accurate details and sources

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  1. d websites that offer up-to-date information on vacancies and fluctuations in the job market. Law enforcement training, information technology education and clerical skills are among the most sought after types of expertise, but they are not the only ones. Jobs are advertised and applied for by the field of expertise, not by a generic government job category.

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    Determine your skills and background. The Indian government has job opportunities for a wide array of skill sets and educational backgrounds. Technology jobs are some of the most advertised, but there are other options, including law enforcement, clerical work and medicine.

    Locate a search engine for government employment. “Government Jobs in India” is a recently added engine that shows vacancies in all government positions. There are many other similar sites out there, and, even if you do not end up actually using a site to apply for employment, it will help you see what jobs are available and what trends there are in the current government job market. See “Resources” for a link to “Government Jobs in India.”

    Find the “application” links on the job search engines. These engines will be the primary place to locate an application. Most the time, jobs will be listed individually with descriptions and a list of requirements for applying to each one. Underneath, you will frequently have the option to click on “application” or “apply.” You will usually be able to fill out the application and submit it online. Also, some sites will give you the option to save the job description for future application or to share it with someone you know. If the site does not give you the option to apply, it should give you directions to where you can submit an application.

    Read what experience is necessary. The job listings will usually list the requirements for each specific job. For example, “Government Jobs in India” has a listing for a general manager at an engineering firm. It lists the necessary years of experience an applicant should have as a general engineer and number of years of managerial experience. Some sites, such as “Freshers” (see “Resources”), are dedicated to job seekers who are right out of school. They offer tutorials and tips for new job seekers to help them acclimate to the job market and refine their application materials.

    Read more: How to Apply for Government Jobs in India | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_6877526_apply-government-jobs-india.html#ixzz1XORjjwch

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