5 Replies to “What are the things I should take care when buying property(Plot/House) in hyderabad…INDIA?”

  1. If you are interested in purchase of plot i have the idea and as well plots to sell rather than going to a broker and wasting the brokerage if you are really intereted then kindly mail me immediately.

  2. 1) Always make sure you get an “Encumberance certificate” so that you get an idea of the title, owner and prior ownerships.
    2) You should also get an NOC.
    Both of the above can be obtained for a small fee from the local municipality or registrars office.

    If you do not have a lawyer of your own who can do all the ground work, or if you yourself do not have the know-how, best suggestion would be to go for a loan. Even if you have the money to buy the property right away, you must go for a loan. Why? Because the banks will have their own lawyers/architects and they verify every minute detail and you do not have to worry about anything.

    Good luck

  3. If you do not have knowledge of the property dealings, I better suggest you not to buy any property in Hyderabad. All the properties are in Goonda’s hands. You will be simply duped by the middlemen and loose your money and then loose your heart. Yours VRVRAO

  4. Original document from the owner
    approved or non approved
    minimum 13 years encumberence certificate
    last tax paid receipt
    EB card in his name
    plan approval copies with original
    Get a legal opinion with a lawyer
    market value for the property

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