what are the tax saving instruments besides this?

I have mediclaim, HRA, LIC & PPF.
Even after deducting mediclaim, HRA & the entire 1 lac permissible u/s 80C my taxable amount is Rs.3 lac.
I don’t have any housing loan.
I don’t wish to pay any tax. Can anyone suggest me some other investments for tax saving?

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  1. the maximum limit for savings, as u alreadyknow, is rs 1 lac.
    Apart from this the only rebate allowed is when u taken a housing loan to buy a house. u get a rebate of upto 1,50,000 o( inerest on housing loan ) The other way is to make donations to NGO But if u donate, say 10,000 u cen reduce 5000 only ( 50 % ) from ur total emolument, But the other u save rs 1,660 in taxes, but u give away rs 10,000/
    It is not that u will not pay taxes because u DONT WISH to pay taxes, The only way to save taxes is to take all salary in cash, which your employer will never do. So, smart boy, stop having wishes which cant materialise

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