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  1. No-one knows about the seven cities of gold… Have you been watching Fool’s Gold?? That’s a good movie 🙂

    I also dont think you can burn gold, per se, it does have a pretty high melting point (something like 1000°C/ 2000°F give or take about 150°)… However, gold is very malleable (easily shaped) so when you melt it, you can cast it in a mould.

  2. The seven cities of gold is a myth

    Gold doesn’t really “burn” in the general sense. Take some solid gold and heat it. When it gets hot enough (1064.18 °C or 1947.52 °F), it melts. It was a solid, and now the gold has changed state to become a liquid. But here’s the catch. Gold, which is called a noble metal, just sits there molten. That’s because it doesn’t like to react with anything, and that means it is extremely difficult to “burn” gold. It won’t oxidize (combine with oxygen), which is the basis for most “burning” in the conventional sense. (There are other forms of burning, but we’ll set them aside for now.) Our liquid gold? Continue heating it and it will change state to a gas and boil away. Just like water would.

    El Dorado, Kansas

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