What are the rights of a minor male grandson on the property of grandfather,who died without leaving a Will?

Ours is a h HUF.My father died in 1979 and left no Will for properties inherited from his parents.Myself and my brothers and sisters sold a portion of the common properties in 1995.My son was a minor at the time of sale.Now my son wants to file minor suit,claiming rights over his grandfather s property.Is his claims legally correct?

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  1. NONE

    A probate officer will be appointed by the court. The probate officer will determine how the state law applies. It is extremely unlikely your son will get anything if there was no will giving it to him.

    Tell him to go out and earn his own.

  2. I don’t think grandchildren have any rights. The only rights in know of are that typically a wife is entitled to 50% which a will can’t take away.

    If there is no will, then
    1) Wife gets 100%
    2) Children divided estate evenly with a nice cut for the lawyers and probate.
    3) Parents?
    4) Grandchildren.

  3. The grand son no legal right over the property inherited by the father of the grand son unless that property had passed down to the grand father from his father (i.e. great grand father), this property remained undivided i.e. no partition took place till date & for all purpose formed the Hindu Copacenary property in a Hindu Family.

    According to the Mitakshara Hindu Family law, the grand son can seek partition of the copacenary property in the joint Hindu family, get his share as the Copacener.