what are the procedures if i want to invest into US stocks?

In singapore, what are the procedure for investing into US stocks? BTW i much shares is per lot in US market?
Guys, you are not answering my qns. I have analyse a few stocks that are worth investing even at this period of time.
Thanks alot for the info. What is the minimum amount of shares that i can buy?

what are the procedures if i want to invest into US stocks?
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  1. WHAT?!!!!! r u fucking crazy?!!!!!!! u must be INSANE, if u want to invest in US stocks, when its fixing to COMPLETELY crash!!!!! (and it’s ALREADY dropping VERY rapidly, as it is, now!!!!).

    Sorry world for u, my friend!!!!

  2. US companies already listed in Singapore , so u can buy from there . if u want to invest in US contact any bank which offer forex trading

  3. you search online for the investing in us market and it really a right time to invest in good companies stock all blue chip.

    always believe in this when all are selling its time to buy at low and when all are buying its time to sell at peak

  4. Locate the Singapore offices of U.S. banks. Open a stock brokerage account with one of these banks. You can use such an account to buy stocks and also shares of mutual funds that hold U.S. stocks. Be sure to discuss with the bank at which you open the account their commissions, markups and other charges and fees. Also inquire about currency conversion charges because you will be expected to pay for U.S. stocks in U.S. dollars. Remember that the lower your transaction costs, the higher your profits. You can buy any quantity of shares, but commissions and other transaction charges may be comparatively higher for “odd lots” (i.e., quantities less than 100 shares per order).

    Also understand that the exceptionally high volatility of the U.S. stock markets during the past few weeks could make it difficult for you to buy at the prices you may see from the previous day’s trading.

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