What are the procedure to creat a savings bank account?

Please give full guidance to create one.I m from India.I am prefering ICICI or SBI ot South Indian bank.Also plz mension
-the minimum balance that i have to keep in my account.
-Tax percentage for my savings account for the banks.
-How debit card is issued etc..,

A good answer expected..,and i wl choose it as best., THANKS

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  1. Go to the bank and tell them that you want to set up an account. All the things you mention vary widely from bank to bank.

  2. For opening a/c in Bank, minimum 1000Rs should be deposited initially..
    You should have Photo Identity card like Election card, Pan Card, Or Passport, Adar card, any other government issued identity card.
    And one address proof.
    2 Pass Photographs.

    Once you submit you will get a Temp Debit card and you will get pin to your address by post.
    In Some banks you will get Bank Pass book.
    You can apply Internet pin in the bank so that you can do online banking.

    Best of luck….

  3. Just go to the preferred bank on your area and contact them.They will do what ever you need.You need 2 or 3 passport size photos,Elector card or PAN or Driving license as a proof.Fill up the application form given by them.and affix photos wherever necessary.If any doubt ask their help.Now you are done.They will send your debit card to your address.After getting it just contact bank for further proceedings.They will issue password.Now your account is activated.Now fill up another account for online banking(Optional).Within 2 or 3 days they will give your online ID and password.ALso you can apply online check this out url


    I strongly recommend you go to bank branch office rather doing online.Minimum balance & tax % varies bank to bank.Govt.banks offer low minimum balance than private.

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