3 Replies to “What are the NON-LIFE INSURANCE PRODUCTS offered by Private insurance Companies?”

  1. Hi,

    It depends entirely on what Non Life Insurance products you would require for Private Insurance Companies.

    to choose and compare the best health, motor or travel insurance products of private insurance companies, please log into our website

    Rupanjali M

  2. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance received the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) certificate of Registration on 2nd May, 2001 to conduct General Insurance business (including Health Insurance business) in India.

    Web site: http://www.bajajallianz.com/Corp/index.jsp

    ICICI Lombard – Health Insurance, Travel insurance, Car insurance, Home insurance, Personal Accident insirance.

    Web site: http://www.icicilombard.com/

    TATA AIG – Automobile, Home, Personal Accident, Travel, Energy, Marine, Property and several specialized financial and casualty lines.

    Web site: http://www.tataaiginsurance.in/taig/taig/tata_aig/personal/homepage/index.html

    Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Ltd announced, it is the fastest growing multi-line insurance company in India reaching Rs. 500 crores (GWP) in its second full year of operations.

    Web site: http://www.bharti-axagi.co.in/homepage/homepage.aspx

  3. It sounds like you mean a medical ins. policy, which you would go to a company such as Blue Cross/BS. A property and casualty company that carries car ins, apt, insurance, home owners, liabilty,
    possibly a disabilty policy for loss of wages. Or a company like Lloyds of London for for something like a singer insuring their voice or a dancer insuring their legs. You must be more specific.Or are you talking about annuities or investments to fund trust after you death? These products can give income depending upon the amount you invest.

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