2 Replies to “What are the formalities to be done while selling a real estate residential property?”

  1. When you are BUYING a property,
    1. check in the property you can do residential construction or not. For that you must have convertion certificate / letter. Originally the land must be Green belt or Yellow belt, if it is in this belt we have to get convert it for residential purpose. If its already residential area, then its ok.
    2. Title deeds, Means History of the land, inshort old documents connected to the property.
    3. Check for the KHATA and tax paid receipt.
    With this documents check with a qualified adovocate, he will give his opniion. Or check with the Department whenther possible to build or not.
    4. If ok, make SALE DEED its for land / If you are going for a apartment the builder will make initial documents (Construction agreement and agreement for sale)

    For selling Furnish all the documents and make a new sale deed.
    FOr more details pls feel free to contact

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