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  1. visa master card or american express or diners club all they are credit card and I don’t see any deference,
    only they have defiant bank and name
    everything else you know and if you want to know more just call any credit card people and they will tell you everything you want to know because every country have there own banks and credit card sistem

  2. Stick with Visa or Mastercard. I prefer Visa because of their better polices on Customer Service.
    Also, you should definitely be looking out for grace periods, meaning how long you have to repay the outstanding amount on a bill, as well as interest rates in case you are carrying over your balances.
    Also, many cards these days are offering a low interest rate for the first six months which allows you to transfer balances from other credit cards so that you avoid paying such high interests rates. Although they only usually last about 6 months, it still saves a significant amount in interest charges should this apply to you.
    Otherwise, look for a card from a strong financial institution, and if it’s your first credit card, ensure you pay your bills on time in order to build up good credit which will help you finances your future homes, cars, etc.

  3. K Unit seems to have it right. I want to add one thing, some cards have a monthly processing fee and some have a yearly fee. Stay away from those if you can. Definitely pay attention to the interest rates.

  4. go for citi bank visa card. other things have already been explained to you by some other members,points system is not a gimmick at all. like i have a citibank-indianoil gold credit card and for every 125 rupees i spend on the card, i get one point which is equivalent to rs 1/. as and when i accumulate 1000 points i ask for vouchers from citi bank which i can use to pay for petrol any any indian oil petrol pump.it may not be called a reward, but may a pay back.
    secondly while applying for a credit card you will have to satisfy the credit card company of your ability to pay back.
    interest rates on delayed/part payments are almost the same with all credit cards, hardly any diff at all. but paying interest is a very costly affair. it comes to almost 36 % p.a. which is quite expensive. i have been using a credit card for more than 10 years and have never paid a single penny as interest to the credit card company. the period of credit is maximum 52 days/