what are the document requirs for income tax file?

and how many days requir to complite the tax file ? and plz specify the rate.

what are the document requirs for income tax file?
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  1. For filing IT returns for individuals you do not require any documents now a days. But you should keep your Income and Tax details with you for any future verification. You can also file the returns online without even having to go to IT office.
    Please visit http://www.incometaxindia.gov.in/ for further details.
    For salaried persons the only document needed is the Form-16 or TDS certificate provided by the employer and a copy of your bank statements for the the whole year.

  2. before answering this question you have to submit some more information:
    1. financial year for which you want to submit income tax return
    2. status means whether you are an individual or HUF or Company
    type of business or nature of earning income
    3. residential status : whether you are a resident or non resident.

  3. If you are a salaried employee than you do not require any documents. No documents are to be attached with your ITR.
    But to fill ITR you will require:
    Form 16
    Bank interest certificate for ‘Income from OS’
    Rent receipts, EMI certficate for ‘Income from HP’
    Share transaction details for Short Term Capital Gains.
    Details of investments u/s Chapter VI-A

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