What are the disadvantage of buying a property where Society is not formed?

Currently i am looking into buying a property in Kharghar. The building in which I plan to buy a flat is about 5 yrs old but society is not formed.
What are the suggestion – buy or d0n’t buy.

Also need opinion on if the Property rates will increase here?
Or is there better place to buy a house where it will appreciate better.
Please help.

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  1. Keep an eye on the development in the area, if you see it uprising then maybe look into it? real question is if you are willing to live somewhere without some luxuries

  2. Well, buying property in a place where society has not yet developed is definitely not a positive approach.
    There are lot of disadvantages, mainly::
    1. You won’t get help when you’re stuck in a messy situation.
    2. A lonely feeling might develop.. leading to depression.

    However, if you can tackle these situations then am sure you won’t face any problem.

  3. Society in a Flat system is neccessary and an advantage to the dwellers. These society distribute costs of safety, security, services to each members and hence a better and cheap method is evolved.
    However mere formation of society does not gurantee better rate appreciation. One has to take in to consideration the locality, approach and sarroundings along with the market trend.

  4. If you love the place and don’t care about appreciation, go for it. But being away from society can make living more expensive, less safe, and may worry potential buyers. wait or find a better place for growth in my opinion good luck in your house hunting.

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