What are the charges for an add on card holder for my son?

I want to give my son an add on credit card for emergency. I want to know what will be the charges and fees. I have an ICICI Bank Platinum credit card.

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  1. There should NEVER be a fee to add a credit card authorized user. If you bank charges one, look for a new bank. By asking for an additional card, you are looking at giving them more business. They should welcome that opportunity.

    Contact the customer service number on your card and ask them. While you are there, ask them to reduce your interest rate by a point. They might do it for you!

    Good luck.

  2. Most of the banks, including ICICI bank, giving 2 to 3 add-on cards without collecting any fee towards annual or one time fee as the issue of the same will “add” on more to their business. However very few banks, like Indian bank collects one time fee of Rs.100/- for the add on cards

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