4 Replies to “What are the charges a Nationalised bank in India can charge to a current account holder as per RBI guidelines”

  1. RBi is hardly in picture these days for current accounts’ related charges. Learn to save your skin (hard earned money) yourself to the extent possible.

  2. Bank to bank it may differ. they can charge for obtaining A/c statement, for fall in minimum balance, for issue of cheque book etc.

  3. RBI guidelines are not applicable. Each bank has its own schedule of charges. This schedule of charges is a public document so far its customers are concerned and you can ask for the details as a matter of right.

    Basically, these charges are
    1. Cheque book issuance charges;
    2. Charges for dishonoured cheques deposited by you;
    3. Charges for dishonoured cheques issued by you;
    4. Collection charges and out of pocket expenses
    5. Charges for not maintaining minimum balance in the account;
    6.Charges for any other services, e.g. calling for a credit report on your business contacts etc

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