2 Replies to “what are the charge difference if we invest in ELSS usign SIP plan and one time investment?”

  1. 1.If you invest directly in any ELSS, you will save the entry load.

    2.Every SIP will have 3 years lock in period.

    In the present scenario, you can go for a bank deposit which offers a assured return and tax saving (it is a special product)

  2. there is no differnce in the charge. Either you invest lumpsum or sip in elss entry load is the same 2.25% and in both the lock in period is 3 yrs. The only difference is if you invest Rs 10000 and the nav is Rs 10 you will get 100 units only and after 3 yrs if the nav reaches by Rs 20 then you will get Rs 20000 in hand. But in SIP every month you invest Rs 1000 and the nav fluctuates every month for eg if the nav goes below i.e to Rs 8 in the next month then you will getting more no of units and if you keep investing Rs 1000 for 3 years and more you will be earning more of units and at atleast while redeeming the total no of units you earned will be calculated with the current nav and that is your profit which will be definitely more than the profit you will earn from the lumpsum investment. for more details and to start sip you can contact me at 9220633450 or mail me at [email protected] As i am Mutual fund advisor i can guide you with charging any fees from you./

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