What are the career opportunities in the field of Intellectual Property?

I have done B-tech in IT and working with a multi national company. I want to make career in IP. Will anybody brief me the career opportunities in the field of Intellectual Property…

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  2. sounds like you’ll end up a lawyer like most folks. you go to law school when you can’t make it in your field, whether it me medicine, art, engineering, or whatever.

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  4. Innovation and invention is a key to the production as well as processing of knowledge. In the recent past, there has been an explosion in the field of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Development and Growth of scientific knowledge demands new forms of Intellectual Property protection, complexity linked to Intellectual Property.

    The protection of Intellectual Property is innovation oriented profession and people with technical knowledge are very much as asset to any organisation to protect the intellectual property

    In India, following opportunities are available for IP professionals with technical background:

    Job title:
    a) Patent Engineer / Patent Analyst / Patent Specialist
    b) Patent Agent / Patent prosecutor
    c) IP Consultant
    d) IP Trainer

    Technical Functions:
    a) Prior Art Searches
    b) Patent Analysis
    c) Claims and Specification Drafting
    d) Patent filing
    e) Patent Prosecution
    f) Landscaping
    g) Portfolio Management
    h) Valuation, Licensing, etc.

    a) A technical person may spend a few years performing one or more of the above listed technical functions, post which s/he can opt for a techno-legal or a techno-managerial role by going through some additional courses (such as LLM (technical), LLB, IP Management, etc.)
    b) The jobs are available at KPOs, Corporate firms (domestic companies), MNCs, Law Firms, Universities and Colleges.

    c) Professionals can also look forward to working abroad and participate in the above listed technical functions.
    Global Institute of Intellectual Property is one of the pioneer institutes in IP education , training & research, GIIP hah evolved in capacity building for IP and patent professionals.
    For more information please visit: http://www.giipinfo.com/

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