what are the best Mutual fund to invest?

What are the best mutual funds to invest for the 2010 year. my plan is investing 6500 rupees per month on various Mutual funds. so im planning to put money 1000 ruppes each so 6 mutual funds planning to buy. but mode of payment is every month. Please suggest which is good MF on what basis. imy planning is to invest for only 3 years max. not morethan that. if 1 year then it will be good.

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  1. There is no risk free mutual fund. Do no invest with a 1 year time frame after seeing previous year’s returns. Such returns happen once in a blue moon. Invest with at least a 5 year framework in mind. Else you will be in for disappointment.
    Decide on the amount of risk you want to take. Invest in equity diversified mutual funds.
    If you are very conservative, You can go for predominantly large cap based mutual funds like HDFC top 200, Birla sunlife frontline equity.
    If you can take more risk, invest in Reliance regular savings equity, Reliance growth.
    If you want great returns and are willing take risk for that, go for IDFC premier equity or Birla sunlife midcap plan A.
    all the best. Dont be greedy to multiply money in short term. Stock market reward the systematic investor who is patient and plays the game well. If you are in for a quick pick, you are slogging and may lose your money..

  2. SIP is the best investment tool

    To suggest a few funds: UTI Opportunities fund, Raliance Diversified Power Sector, Reliance Vision fund, HDFC Top 200 fund, Principal Large Cap fund, BSL Mid cap fund are a few of the best performers. But you need to monitor the performance of your funds and need to adjust your portfolio regularly.

    Have a nice day !

  3. one good point here is that you plan to do monthly this is wat is called a SIP . bad part here is only for 1 year. MF are great for long term investments like some home purchase say 6 years down the line, your son’s education in US or your daughter marriage. doing a SIP in 3 to 4 MF . two to be core ( large cap) one to be sector or small and mid caps.
    for core you can check out HDFC equity, HDFC 200, Birla sunlife equity and frontline equity, Franklin prima plus, Fedility equity, SBI large caps.
    in themes there is TIger fund, UTI infra, IDFC small and mid cap etc

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