What are the benefits of bandh on 1st October 2007 in Tamilnadu? (in India)?

I will not be able to do the following due to bandh!!!
I cannot go office, factories, hospitals, banks, post offices, airports, railway stations, vegetable shops, provision shops, textile shops, hotels, libraries, friends house, relatives houses, marriages, functions, no buses, no trains, etc
Patients in hospitals will die or become serious. People who have booked railway/flight tickets will have to cancel tickets. All important programmes all over Tamilnadu will get cancelled. People who die on the bandh day cannot be cremated on the bandh day.

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  1. hmmm.. i get a holiday to prepare for my practicals… bt really bundh s suckng… y these people dnt understand tis?? they know wat wll happen if thr s such a thng..bt they dnt take it as serious they need their probs to b solved.. they need power.. they get it..

  2. Bandhs are proclaimed offenders in the society, as per Court rulings and hence they are prohibited. Hence a bandh call has been given to over rule the authority of the Courts. The bandh call has been mainly given by DMK, whose brutal force from even before its birth. is notorious. DMK by its brutal force wants to prove to the Supreme Court that people of Tamilnadu are for Adam Bridge project. The reality is a timid population due to repeated exposure to brutality right from India’s Independence by the same atheist forces will keep indoors out of fear for State repression. On the same day, the new demon including, all channels, will telecast ‘sadaiyappa’ or ‘evanoappa’. As soon as the bandh time is over, all will come out of homes as though they are new to the streets of their own locality. Supreme court will note that it is a state-sponsored brutal bandh. The curious thing will be so many Ramadoss, Rams, Ramanathans etc with all Ram names from DMK and Co. will participate against Ram.
    There can be another way out of it: AIADMK,BJP etc., can announce bandh on the same day; any way people will keep indoors; they can also say, every one is against the project.

  3. The benefits of the bandh will to the people of Tamil nandu.First of all tamilians had think of the future of Tamilnadu.by making every issue as political benefit the BJP, and AIADMK had failed in all Fields rather than radical issues.as the leaders of the bjp and aiadmk are criticise the chief minister of Tamil nadu they had no right to criticise him because . When BABAR masjid this two parties had hurded the minority community by L.K Advani leads the the arrogonts and Jayallalitha sending bricks by her hand for kara seva while as Chief minister.Sethu is very importtand for Tamil nadus future with lot of employments and port devolpments.ALL TAMILIANS SHOULD LOVE TAMILAN LEDARS and stand up with the chief minister for better brighter Tamil nadu.Dont be fooled by radical party ledars

  4. Just now I heard the NEWS,it is not bandh,it is a stoppage of work,the lose only go to the Govt..Any Govt.will go in for strike or bundh like this and there will be some losses as mentioned by you. We have to bear .

  5. Project Setu Samudaram is imp than your personal inconvenience. it’s the right way to force UPA and to seal BJP and it’s holy allies.

  6. The question cited above needs a fore-runner : “WHY THIS BANDH ON 1st OCTOBER, 2007?”
    Obviously, the bandh has been called by DMK and its allies.
    Why the bandh has been called?
    During the third year of NDA regime, under Vajpayeeji’s PMship, “the BJP Minister, Suresh Prabhu, rejected the alignment for “environmental implications for marine-life and biosphere reserve”, in 1999!
    Now the BJP is ‘plumping’ for it.Why?
    The present route, ‘cutting through Ram Sethu’, was given ‘green signal’ by a clutch of ministries and duly approved by the BJP govt., in 2003!
    Now that the Congress led Govt, wants to ‘implement it’,the BJP is vehemently
    opposing it !!
    It is said that in the affidavit submitted to the apex court,officials of ASI had made a ‘faux paus’ by making unwarranted comment on Ram and the sethu!
    On learning the same, Soniaji was the fist to recall it and cause submission of a non controversial affidavit.
    Karunanidhi , during the session of releasing a book, at Salem,vexed over the obstacle, made some disparaging statement on this issue.
    Immediately , his daughter’s house in Bangalore was vandalized by sangh parivar memebers. Further, they torched a TN state
    transport bus and two passengers were charred to death!
    To add to it Vedanthi, an ex MP,abetted offering”gold, ‘weight by weight’ to any body who could “cut Karunanidhi’s tongue and throat!”
    BJP lost the Presidential election due to a fax paus and again it is resorting to the same tactic to gain political mileage!
    Hence, the bandh has been called to place facts before the general public and let them decide as to who is guilty.
    In reporting such matters, one must place all facts before the jurors.

  7. Hai i have no comments, but anyway nice, because i got the news through your question, i was planning to come to Chennai on 1st. Anyway it is very kind of you, because of your question i was able to reschedule my visit.

  8. Sethu Samudram project is an important one not only to Tamilnadu but to the whole country, but bandh is not the correct way to get it done.This shows the state government’s incapability of getting things done in a proper way.

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