What are the authorized companies for Credit card transaction authorizations?

I am interested in knowing all the acquirer companies who has the ability to authorize Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc cards. I know payment gateway companies like CCAvenue do this job. I am interested in knowing with whom all the payment gateway companies authorize the transactions.

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  1. It will be difficult to find out who the third party processors all are associated with as they don’t make that information readily available most of the time. But the odds are it is with the large processing companies directly like First Data (Paypal uses First Data) and Nova. I’d be surprised if they used a middleman at all. This would limit the potential list to a handful of companies. Others you may be looking at include Chase Paymentech, Global Payments, and Wells Fargo.

    True payment gateway providers like Authorize.Net aren’t associated with acquirers directly as acquirers are irrelevant to them. True payment gateways need only be certified on the processing platforms themselves as that is what they communicate with. Where the transaction goes from there doesn’t matter to them as long as they know how to communicate with them (hence being certified on each platform).

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