What are life insurance plan, other than unit-linked plans, called ?

Which life insurance plan (other than ULIP) is best for my need. I need a cover of Rs 15 lacs over 22 years. One of my friends told me to go for LIC’s Jeevan Anand Plan.

What are life insurance plan, other than unit-linked plans, called ?
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  1. It depends on the purpose of taking an insurance. If you want such a high cover then i think it is to make sure your dependents future is secure at least financially. If that is the case then you should go for term insurance plans wherein you pay very less premium and get a huge life cover but if nothing happens to you in the term(no. of years) you have chosen, you get nothing – just like vehicle or medical insurance. The lesser your age and no disease then lesser will be the premium.There are so many insurance company which provide this like LIC, metlife, Birla, ICICI etc. I think Jeevan Anand is one such plan. There are also many other pension plans wherein if one dies the dependents get good amount otherwise you will pension but naturally premium will be more. These days there are so many insurance consultancies like apnainsurance which will give you all the details and suggest appropriate plan and company for your need.

  2. Some of the basic plans are:
    Whole life Assurance plan, Endowment Assurance plan,and its allied plans,Children’s plans,Multipurpose policy plans,Converted term Assurance Plans,and Annuity Plans.
    Should u require mfurthe details you can contact the nearest LIC office or any other insurance office closer to u

  3. so may options !!!!
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  4. There are some basic insurance plans like – Term insurance, Money back, endowment, children’s plans, pension plans etc.

    ULIPs are a relatively a new addition. ULIP combines insurances with equity market investments.

    Considering the amount of insurance you need, I think its best to go for a term insurance plan and along with that invest in any good mutual fund scheme.

    If you do not wish to invest money in equity markets, then go for Jeevan Anand. In Jeevan anand and ULIPs, you will get very less sum assured as compared to the hefty premium you pay. If you are JUST looking for a pure insurance cover, go for term insurance under which, you will get your cover (sum assured) for a very nominal premium.

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