What are effective home remedies for chicken pox?

Hi friends, im 18 yrs old and im suffering from chicken pox.Plz give me home remedies to recover from as quickly as possible coz i have to prepare 12th cbse exams.The symptoms noted were a mild fever and fatigueness.What will be span to recover?

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  1. You should not be in public until the lesions have completely scabbed over. Usually a week. Take frequent Aveeno oatmeal baths, pat your skin dry do not rub, apply calamine lotion to itchy areas, DO not scratch, take Tylenol for fever or pain. Good Luck!

  2. Got a shotgun? You’re too old for the pox. What happened?!

    Seriously, for a home remedy…Oatmeal cooked with milk. Make it thick, reduce it in other words. Apply the pasty oatmeal to the affected areas witha soft cloth. It can’t be hot! Luke warm is better. Keep it on you for an hour or so, then take a warm bath, not hot, to rinse off. It’s messy, but it works. The worst thing you can do is scratch and irritate the pox.

    Cortizone works to, but that’s a store bought remedy.

    Drink a glass of water every hour also. You should clear up in two to three days from the onset anyway. No alcohol, topical, or imbibed. And, stay away from other people, you’re contagious.

  3. Have someone go to the drug store and get the oatmeal bath stuff and lay in a tub with it in there as much as possible. Plus the pharmacist may be able to recommend something else too. It usually takes about a week. But since you are older it could be different.

  4. Hi ! All I can tell you is about my sons’ & my own experience. I came down with “Shingles” & a few days later my son called from college to tell me he had to come home for a week (during exams !) because he had chicken pox which the dr. in the emergency room told him he had caught from me !! We were both put on a (expensive) medication called “Zovirax.” He had a raging fever & I was in a lot of pain. I guess that is the difference between the two illnesses. Plus the fact that he had sores that scabbed & itched. You MUST NOT scratch these sores, they SCAR PERMANENTLY ! The only relief I got was to soak in a hot tub every couple of hours in a bath of cornstarch. He was homefor just a week, thanks to the Zovirax.
    Shingles are not catchy but chicken pox are. This is the catch: If you’ve never had chicken pox, you CAN catch them from a person who has Shingles. And you can catch them from another person who has active chicken pox. Once you’ve had them, you are immune to catching them again but you will always carry the virus. Shingles can repeat anytime they want to. I don’t wish those on anyone !!!! They are mostly caused by stress, & they are a virus. Use plain cornstarch on those sores & don’t forget; DO NOT SCRATCH ! (I remember my mother putting socks on my hands.) Good luck & good health to you !!!!

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