9 Replies to “what are different ways to invest ur money and get best deals apart from FDs and mutual funds,PO mis,etc.?”

  1. As per age you divide your investment if you are young at least 80% invest in mutual fund and if your age is above 40 you should diversified your investment but at least 50% in mutual fund

    But main thing is coming now at age 60 this time your income is nothing but expense is more so you want fix income on your investment the you prefer Post MIS and Mutual Fund Monthly Income Plan

  2. With the kind of inflation , investing a major part of your savings in equity related avenues is the best way , especially if you are young and the investment is for long term.

    Visit http://www.valueresearchonline.com to understand mutual funds.

    Avoid putting too much in life insurance policies. For life cover , stick to PURE TERM PLANS ONLY.

    Insurance is an expense , not an avenue for investment.

    Visit wwwaegonreligare.com

    Their rates are one of the lowest in the market.

    Open a PPF a/c with SBI , nearest branch. Invest upto Rs 70,000 every year till retirement.

    It is a good pension fund.

    Have a mediclaim policy from a PSU like The New India Assurance Co .

    Take this even if you are covered by group mediclaim in your office.

  3. if you have large amount of money than invest in PO MIS its return is good and than invest that monthly income in Mutual fund by SIP.
    SIP is the best option for the investment

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