What are best options for investing money?

I like to ask in both long and short term investments.

It will nice if members convey there answer in with examples and share there experience no matter its good or bad but it helps others to learn and go in right direction specially new investors


What are best options for investing money?
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  1. I wish I had put a 1000 bucks in Royce Pennsylvania Mutual Fund, Symbol PENNX:

    This is one of the oldest no load funds in the investment world. Since it’s inception in 1972 this fund has produced great returns year after year. This fund is run by Charles Royce. Over the last 35 years ending September 30, 2009 the fund is up 16.5% per year! Year to date this fund is up 30.84% as of September 30, 2009. Over the last ten years this fund is up 9.90% per year while the Russell 2000 index is only up 4.88%. This fund is absolutely incredible.

  2. Firstly, you need to decide if you want to invest for short term or long term

    This will help you to pick stocks.

    For financial planning use this formula:
    Term Cover + FD + Post Office + PPF + Shares + Mutual Fund

    This will take care of risk and return.

    Alternatively you can also look at my site


  3. best options to invest your money
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