what action should i take against Bharti AXA ?

I have taken a life insurance policy in “BHARATHI AXA ” and paid Rs 25000/- as a single premium payment scheme to the bharathi axa agent . when the document was approved by the head office and the copy of the document was sent to me , i noticed that my sign was forged and the single premium mode was changed to three premium scheme .I feel this act as really immoral and crafty , that too forging my signature has made me infuriated .My sign was forged three times.

so please kindly guide me as i’m new to this scenario !

*should the action be taken against the “AGENT” or “BHARATHI AXA “?
*so what action will i be able to take legally ?
* will this come under DEFAMATION or FORGERY?
*should i cancel this scheme or sue them ?

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  1. u must take immediate action
    whether free look period is over?
    if not return the documents and get ur entire money back
    the signatures r forged apparently by the agent to get the policy enforced for vested interests
    but the company seems to have accepted it as ur own
    better take them into confidence and report the matter to them first
    if it is sorted out there better other wise u may resort to legal ways

  2. If that was the case, it was totally unethical on the part of the agent to do that. I do not think the company was aware of the forgery. It is also possible that you may have put your signatures on the blank application form without before filling it up and then agent might have converted it into a three year-term. If you can prove that, the signature was inded forged, then you may ask the company to make necessary amendments. BECAUSE THE COMPANY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF IT’S AGENT. Give a written intimation to the company with acknowledgement. Keep a copy of every communication in this regard. I believe the cooling off period is over. You can also approach the Insurance ombudsman. If you do not get a satisfactory result you may approach the IRDA – Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority.

    good luck !!!

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