3 Replies to “What account i need to buy mutual fund through online ?”

  1. assalamu alaikkum abdul
    this is ibrar, investment advisor from chennai.

    normally there is no need to have any accounts to invest in mutual funds. but since u want to purchase it online better to have a
    online demat account which will give u various investment options.
    icici online demat account is better. i am also using it for my share market transactions… try it..
    if u have any queries about investments u can write to me..
    my id is [email protected]

    thanks & regards

  2. share treading account in any broker who has running mutual fund agency also. e.g. ICICI BANK/HDFC BANK/STOCK HOLDING CORPORATION/VENTURA SECURITIES LTD./RELIGARE SECURITIES LTD. etc.

  3. You need a online trading a/c.
    You can also register your self with the AMC whose MF you want to buy, and obtain a PIN from them. Then you can buy online. This will save you 2.25% entry load (direct purchase).

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